What to expect

Our Transformation through Knowledge and Experience

This past year, TCSP launched a full-scale to elevate our business performance and deliver greater value to all of our clients. As we actively create a more proactive approach, valued and successful proven solutions, our commitment to collaboration, innovative offerings and outstanding service to our client, remains unchanged. Building on our unique expertise, we are confident that today’s improvements will enable us to serve you even more effectively in the next-generation IT solutions and services.

Our Strategy

Seamless Collaboration Moving Forward

We are reinforcing our commitment to customer-oriented servicing with new, disciplined IT solutions that are measureable and take action on your feedback. We have redesigned our coverage model to ensure proactive engagement with our clients for greater client satisfaction and solutions that deliver proven results.

Next-Generation Offerings

We are adding services that are beyond standard IT. We are making purposeful investments to rapidly scale our proven offerings such as cloud solutions, Internet security, SaaS and analytics services to help our clients save money and increase their business performance.

Delivery Network for Cost-Effective Consistency

To bring our clients rapid and effective delivery capabilities, we are continuing to modernize our service centers around a consumption-based model that fine-tunes how TCSP allocates and deploy resources. We have crafted new strategic partnerships with suppliers that improve service levels and customer responsiveness at lower costs.