Create a contact

First, sign-in to Office 365.  After, select the menu icon. Then, choose People. Click New. Select Contact. Enter New contact information. Last, select Save to store contact information. 

Create a group

Sign in to Office 365  Next, select the app launcher icon . After, choose People. Next to Groups, select the Add button or click create group. Then, Choose a name, enter a group name that briefly captures the spirit of… Read More

Import contacts from another email account

Sign in to Office 365. After, select the app launcher icon . Choose People. Then click options icon  in the top right of the page. Select People. Next, click Import contacts page click on type of Email you would like to import… Read More

Delete a contact

First, sign in to Office 365. Then, click the app launcher icon . After, choose People. Next, select the contact you would like to delete. After, click Delete.