Managed Services vs. Break Fix

Managed IT: A Managed Services Provider (MSP) proactively services a business’ network with monitoring, patch management, and optimization of a business network on a regular basis and at a flat-fee.

Break-Fix: An IT solutions provider reactively services a business’ network; delivering support as crises arise and as-requested. The service provider bills the customer at an hourly rate or per service.

The challenge and responsibility lies in finding the IT service plan that brings the most value to your business. By partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider, you place your company in a position for prevention; regular maintenance, monitoring and optimizing to constantly improve business operations. Alternatively, with a Break-Fix approach your business receives service after an issue arises, which could interrupt productivity, your customers, and have you in a constant state of uncertainty.

Predictability is a luxury that business owners often wish to have when it comes to expenses and technical inconveniences. Technology is costly when a business does not have powerful measures in place to help forecast issues and failures to the business’ network. Managed Services eliminates this uncertainty and gives you predictability. We identify potential threats and apply solutions before they disrupt business operations. In terms of predicting cost, our IT Support Agreement include both technical support and Managed Services to network devices at a flat-fee to simplify your budget planning for IT services.

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