Our Philosophy

Strive at all times to deliver the best solutions with great effort, integrity, respect and loyalty to customers’ demands.

We Listen
It is extremely important to TCSP’s leadership that we have values in place that set the tone and attitude of the company across every department. The first step in any encounter with the customer is to Listen. We want to know what you are looking to accomplish and if you have any preferences you would like us to adhere to. We then effectively evaluate the situation in order to devise an appropriate course of action. This is how every single customer request is handled. We want to give customers the results they desire by meeting or exceeding their expectation.

We Communicate
We look forward to talking to people and building relationships. It’s important to us to get to know a business through the owner or a key representative who is able to give us insight and develop a thorough understanding of the your technology infrastructure. We have found that the more involved we are with a business, the faster we can solve issues from being familiar with their technology, operations, and personnel. Throughout the course of a project we keep in close contact with you. We follow-up on any progress, get updates from you for additional requests and to immediately handle any matters that arise.

We keep the lines of communication open even when clients are not actively in need of services and want to inquire about anything. It is not unordinary to find TCSP recommending your business because we know it so well!

We Are Committed
A job or project is complete when the outcome is satisfactory to the consumer. A great benefit to working with TCSP is that we provide support to your business in it’s entirety. Having one company to manage your IT infrastructure helps save on, and keep track of technology expenses. Some businesses have software programs where it is best to contact their support; when needed, we work on your behalf to collaborate with them in resolving your issue. Every aspect of your business’ technology is covered including; issue resolution, preventive maintenance, and equipment. If having one company handle all of your technology resonates with your business, get it at a discounted rate with our IT Support Agreements.

We Are Transparent
Your IT service provider should always be a trustworthy resource. It is imperative that our customers always have a clear understanding of anything we do whether it’s–their bill–reasons for a recommendation–how their network functions.  You have the freedom of knowing as much or as little as you would like about your business’ IT. We prefer that you are at least aware of what we’re up to by including detailed notes on your invoices and send email notifications of progress and updates.