Tech Support

Technical support for businesses of all sizes!

TCSP is a technical support company specialized in providing flexible technical support services to any size business.

Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

Is your business struggling with technology? Do you constantly find your and your employees spending time on IT issues instead of helping clients?

STOP! We want you to do what you do best and leave technology to us. Give us a call today and TCSP will handle all of your IT needs.

Large Organizations

Do you want to implement new products and services in your environment, but your IT team is already at its limit? Or is your IT team in a different state/country and you need someone on-site?

TCSP can work alongside your current IT team to meet goals and deliver a better end-user experience. Give us a call today to find out how TCSP can assist your organization.

We can assist businesses experiencing hardware and software technical issues. Some services we provide:

  • Help desk
  • Server management
  • Computer performance checks and maintenance
  • Virus removal
  • Computer networking
  • Remote access and sharing
  • Office 365 management
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Data backup and data protection

I really appreciate what Jorge and Felipe have done for my business. I’ve had for many months IT reps come to the office and not been able to properly fix my computers and phones. Instead they create more problems and expenses for me. Jorge took the time to analyze my phone system software, my computers and walked me to the process of how to manage and fix the issues. He provided other solutions for my business to work smarter not harder. I recommend them to any small business.

Fabian D Insurance Broker Norwalk, CT August 10, 2016

Do I need a “support contract” to get tech support?

No, support contracts are optional. At TCSP, we aim to provide flexible solutions to businesses by offering hourly tech support on an as-needed basis, commonly known as break and fix.

Using our hourly tech support is a great way to get to know us before committing to an agreement. Below is a quick explanation of our two options.

Hourly tech support

Whether you need a quick fix or to install new infrastructure, TCSP makes it easy by charging an hourly rate for our services. The hassle-free hourly support is responsible and flexible; a great option for businesses that are new to TCSP and want to try us out, and those who do not have the need for an on-going management solution.

IT Support Agreement

A bundle of services that includes on-going technical support and IT managed services to encompass the technology of a business. Our standard support agreement is a bundle of premium services that cover the most important aspects of your technology; IT help desk, monitoring and alerting, and preventive maintenance for all systems.

On-site Tech Support

A field technician will travel to the place of business for in-person assistance. This option works best to:

  • Display and communicate effective solutions
  • Provide hands-on troubleshooting & maintenance
  • Inform and train by way of personal interaction

Complimentary on-site consultation is available for selected locations.

Remote Tech Support

A technician from our help desk will provide assistance using the Internet connection. This option works best to:

  • Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues
  • Execute performance checks and maintenance procedures
  • Receive support when out of the office; traveling or working remotely


Please contact us for more information about our technical support services.