Change or Reset Password in Office 365

Change Sign in to Office 365. Go to Settings  > Office 365 settings > Password > Change password. Type your old password, and then type a new password and confirm it. Click Submit. Reset Sign in to Office… Read More

Buy, Assign and Remove Licenses in Office 365

Buy a license Sign in to Office 365 using an administrator account. Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin. Go to the Subscriptions page: Choose Billing > Subscriptions or… Under billing, select View and… Read More

Add, Update and Remove Users in Office 365

Add users Sign in to Office 365 using an administrator account. Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin. Navigate to Users > Active Users on the left panel of the Office 365 admin center. Select +… Read More

Using OneNote

Add tags for questions, reminders, and to dos Open your OneNote 2016 application and open a document that needs editing or tagging. Go to and select the Home Tab. Place the cursor in the designated place you would like… Read More

Calendar (Web App)

Share Office 365 Calendar securely (within your organization) Sign in to Office 365.  Select the app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Calendar. Select Share > Calendar button and a new message box pop up will appear. Enter email… Read More

Contacts / People (Web App)

Create a contact Sign-in to Office 365.  Select the menu icon in the upper-left corner and choose People. Click on New > Contact. Enter new contact information. Click on Save. Create a contact group Sign in to Office 365  Select the… Read More

Using Word

Word Add automatic table of contents Open your Word 2016 application and Open a Document. Go to the References tab. Click on Table of Contents button. Select preferred table of contents style. Tip: Create headings using Heading Styles from the… Read More

Using PowerPoint

Motion Paths Open the PowerPoint 2016 Application. Go into slide that you would like to customize. Go to and select Animations Tab. Go to and select Add Animation button. Scroll down to section called Motion Paths. Select preferred style(s) and… Read More

Using Skype for Business

Make a Skype for Business call In the *Skype for Business main window, either find a contact in your Contacts list or type a person’s name in the search box. Point to the person’s contact listing, and click… Read More

How To: Prevent Ransomware Attacks

The screen shows an ominous message. Your system locks, and you have hours or a few days to pay the ransom to have it unlocked. Conveniently there’s a big countdown timer on the screen to help you keep… Read More

How To: Hack-proof Your Business Passwords

General or basic passwords make it easy for hackers to access your business data. This can be costly in terms of money and your business’ reputation. Hack-proof your passwords to help keep your business secure. To help better… Read More

6 Tips: Keep Data Safe and Secure

As the world grows more complex and connected, our valuable information is increasingly exposed to many people around the world. Here are a few useful tips that will help prevent you from falling prey to today’s cyber-villains: Passwords…. Read More

5 Ways to Increase Productivity

Attention business owners, it’s February! Need another nudge to get going and conquer 2017? Here are 5 tips to maximize your productivity. A compilation of the best advice from successful professionals. 1. Wake up earlier. Waking up early… Read More

4 Steps to a more Ergonomic Workstation

Create an office desk with purpose Eight hours a day, five days a week – we all know what it’s like to feel tied to our desk. Considering we often spend a lot of time at work, how… Read More

Easy IT Fix

If your computer is acting up and you have no idea why, go back to basics. Try closing any programs and applications you have open (be sure to save documents). Restart the computer. Note: If the computer is… Read More

Partnership Announcement

Partnership between TCSP and MECS

The Computer Support People, LLC (TCSP) appreciates having the opportunity to serve your organization and we are grateful for your business. Recently, TCSP established a strategic alliance with M E Computer Systems, LLC (MECS) for all Medisoft, Electronic… Read More

Wall Mounted Computer Arms

Arm Installation by TCSP With TCSP you can purchase and have the product installed from a single service provider. TCSP offers professional installation to get your equipment ready for action quickly and efficiently. 1 We begin by measuring… Read More

Windows Servers

Windows Servers Servers are at the core of anybody’s infrastructure. Servers are used in your business for user management, file storage, application services, remote access, time tracking, compliance, payment processing. If you plug a cable into it, it… Read More