Benefits of IT Managed Services

If nothing else, knowing that IT professionals have monitoring systems in place and are notified the moment suspicious or unwanted activity is detected on your network, will give you peace-of-mind. Here is our full list of the benefits of managed services.

Control IT Costs

IT Managed Services makes costs more predictable and manageable so you can budget more accurately. As an IT managed service provider (MSP), TCSP bundles essential services, implements effective security measures, and actively manages your business IT. Our goal is get the business running at the optimal level and maintain a sound IT infrastructure.

Save on IT costs by using a single solution with great benefits.


Effective service at a discounted flat-fee

Proactive services that reduce down-time

Working with a team of experts with infinite resources

Increased Productivity

Our IT experts proactively maintain your computer network by identifying computer, server, and network issues before they surface. By doing so, we prevent save your company costly downtime resulting in employee productivity loss.

Recent statistics show that a business’ most common IT problems are preventable. Common productivity issues include: email, Microsoft Office applications, viruses, backups, or industry programs/applications. Most users avoid calling the IT consultant or in-house support because they know that they would not be able to respond quickly.

TCSP‘s Managed Services provides your with immediate response to even minor employee issues, resulting in a 30%-50% reduction in reactive employee help desk requests and overall improvement in employee mindset. As a result, your business’ productivity increases. Often times the business efficiency improvements through managed services are so great that managers are amazed by the extent of the inefficiency of their prior system.

Compliance and Security

Many businesses have special compliance requirements, but do not completely understand how to meet them. Most regulations are targeted towards consumer privacy and data protection. As managed services providers, we keep up with regulations and requirements to help you remain compliant. Our solutions are designed to help you reach IT goals, needs, and business challenges. TCSP professionals conduct every step of the process from consultation, to planning , deployment and ongoing support.

Single Point of Contact

IT Managed Services clients are given a single point of contact who is knowledgeable of their business and in some cases, have industry experience. It’s important that organizations work with a primary point-of-contact for IT assignments. Your point-of-contact coordinates the entire end-user support experience. They perform service tasks, monitor progress of all open tickets, and correspond with your administrative personnel. Having a single point of contact fosters organization, structure, and consistency to your support process.

 Work with Known Experienced and Qualified Professionals

If technology is not your area of expertise, it can be very difficult to know how good an IT professional is. TCSP has quality IT staff who are tested, certified, trained and experienced.

Quickly Implement New Technology

TCSP‘s managed services provides you with rapid implementation of new technologies. You can quickly shift your focus from one IT project to the next. TCSP has the resources and years of experience to start new IT projects that can save you time and money.

Reduced Downtime & Risk

Because of the ability to track and rectify technical problems before they happen, downtime resulting from IT issues are dramatically decreased with IT Managed Services. TCSP tracks and begins remediation of unwelcomed interruptions quickly and efficiently. There is rarely the risk that your business would be unavailable, as a result, customers would view your business as dependable and prepared.

 Other Benefits

IT Managed Services - Sample Report Section

Sample Activity Report

  • Capacity Planning Information
  • Up-to-Date Patch Management
  • Better Understanding of the Infrastructure
  • Proactive maintenance for servers and workstations
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced downtime for common issues
  • Priority support
  • Software and System updates management