IBackup – Simple Online Backup Solution

IBackup is a simple online file backup solution that allows users to backup unlimited PCs, Macs and Linux devices to a single account.

IBackup, the integrated online backup storage solutions, includes applications that feature automatic scheduling of backups, data compression, encryption, incremental backup subsequent to initial full backup, versioning, and secure local backups. IBackup supports open file backup, system state backup, and backup of running servers and databases – MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server and Oracle Server.

Online Backup

Windows Cloud Backup

IBackup for Windows

Schedule online backup for a future date/time. Features incremental backup, encryption, versioning, and backup of running databases and servers.


IBackup for Mac

Protect your Mac with reliable scheduled online backup. Features incremental backup, versioning, log reporting options, and Time Machine backup.


IBackup for Linux

Schedule unattended offsite backups for Linux and Solaris with encryption, compression and incremental backup options.


IBackup for iOS / Android

Protect and share your digital memories from your iOS and Android devices. Access files backed up from your PC / Mac.

Hybrid Backup

Hybrid BackupNew

Complement your online backup with a secure local storage for all of your files, and get speedy backups and restores.

Web Manager

Web manager

This browser-based application makes it easy to access, manage and share data; features image gallery and file search.

DataCenter Edition

DataCenter Edition

Backup your local and remote Linux server data to your IBackup account via the browser-based application.



Create multiple accounts using your storage space and monitor backups from a single administrator console.

MS SQL Server Backup

MS SQL Server backup

Backup MS SQL Server database without interrupting its services. Features scheduling options and log reports.

MS Exchange Server backup

MS Exchange Server backup

Easy and reliable way to backup MS Exchange Servers to your IBackup account.

MS SharePoint Server backup

MS SharePoint Server backup

Protect data of your entire MS SharePoint Server with IBackup granular backup / restore.

Oracle Server backup

Oracle Server backup

Simple, fast and reliable way to backup your Oracle Server databases to your IBackup account.

IBackup Drive

IBackup Drive

This plug-in is available as a separate download which maps your online storage account as a virtual folder on your computer.

APIs for Developers

APIs for Developers

Develop innovative applications to customize your backup, storage, sharing and more with minimal coding.