Windows 10 – Minimum and Recommended Requirements

In order to upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft has certain minimum requirements your computer must meet. With many computers running more than one application per server, TCSP recommends having the Business User or Advanced User specifications installed (see box below).

Since every business runs slightly different, the mentioned recommendations could change. Such as certain software may require a video card and more RAM than suggested.

Can I upgrade my server(s)?

Servers should not be upgraded but replaced. This is due to the high workflow the Server OS and server-based applications put on the server’s hardware.  It is important to note that servers have a life-cycle of 5 years. Meaning, a server should be replaced within 5 years to keep up with the latest technology, security, and performance. You can learn more about Maintenance and Life-Cycles here.

TCSP will not provide minimum nor recommended hardware requirements for servers. Servers must be tailored to each customer needs and business growth plan. Migration of servers could take between 15 – 30 hours depending on the current set-up, while new servers could take between 2 – 5 weeks to arrive. TCSP can help review your current setup and provide a more accurate timeframe of migration and replacement.

Need assistance with financing?

We are aware that these changes can affect your business financially. For this reason, we have partnered with Andrew Vojt from M&T Bank to provide financial alternatives to our clients while they implement these changes. Please contact Andrew directly to learn more about how M&T Bank can assist your business during this transition.

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