How to fix Unable to Connect – Error Code 0x3000064 (RDP from macOS)

Microsoft Remote Desktop 0x3000064 Unable to connect

Earlier this week, we received a call from a client stating that they could not longer connect to their Windows device at their office using their personal MacBook. The client was receiving an error message “Unable to Connect”… Read More

How to enable my Webcam on Microsoft Teams

Check if the device you are using currently has a webcam installed.  If you are not sure, open the Start menu and type “Camera“. Open the Windows Camera App. If this message appears, either you do not have… Read More

Working Remotely: Troubleshooting your Internet speed

Quick tutorial on how to troubleshoot your Internet at home while working remotely. We will look into a basic home setup, check our Internet speed, identify the modem and router, and how to restart those devices. Longer Video… Read More

MS Excel 2016 opens workbooks as read-only

MS Excel 2016 Read-only

MS Excel: READ-ONLY  We opened this workbook read-only from the server.