How to mute and unmute other people in a Microsoft Teams meeting

When in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, the more people added into the call usually translates into more noise and confusion. To Mute a Specific Member of Your Microsoft Teams Meeting: Click on their name on the right side… Read More

How to create an unscheduled meeting in Microsoft Teams

Select the “Meet Now” button to start an unscheduled meeting. Give the meeting a title in the indicated field. Make sure both the audio and video sliders are set on and select the correct webcam/microphone with the gear… Read More

How to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting without a webcam or microphone

If you want to join a Microsoft Teams meeting, but do not have a webcam or microphone for your computer, you can download the Microsoft Teams Mobile App and use your phone as a microphone/webcam. Alternatively, you can… Read More

How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams

To Share Your Screen in a Microsoft Teams Chat: Click the New Chat button to create a chat with the users you want to share your screen with. (NOTE: If you are already in a chat with the users… Read More

How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Open the Calendar tab on the left side of the screen. Click the + New Meeting button at the top of the screen to create a new scheduled meeting. Enter the details of the meeting you would like… Read More

How to enable my Webcam on Microsoft Teams

Check if the device you are using currently has a webcam installed.  If you are not sure, open the Start menu and type “Camera“. Open the Windows Camera App. If this message appears, either you do not have… Read More

How to mute and unmute yourself in a Microsoft Teams meeting

To mute yourself in a Microsoft Teams Meeting, click on the Microphone Icon while in the Meeting screen. To unmute yourself, click on the Microphone Icon again (make sure there is not a slash through the microphone) (NOTE:… Read More

Does my Microsoft 365 plan include Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is available in a Paid and Free model. Most Microsoft 365 for business plans and some Microsoft 365 for enterprise plans, include the Microsoft Teams paid version. However, the Microsoft 365 for home plan (Family and… Read More

Is Microsoft Teams free? How do I download Microsoft Teams for free?

Microsoft Teams offers both a paid and a free version, although the free version has a few limitations. The paid version of Microsoft Teams: Allows you to schedule meetings, phone calls and audio conferencing. Offers unlimited users from… Read More

How to assist your team while working from home using Microsoft Teams

Share your screen To efficiently share and coordinate information and tasks, it is recommended that you take advantage of the Screen Share and Remote Control features of Microsoft Teams. Click the New Chat button to create a chat with… Read More