Reset another user’s password

First, Sign-in to Office 365 using an administrator account. Then, click the App Launcher icon  . Choose Admin from the list of apps. Select Users > Active Users. On the Active users page, select the user, and then click Reset password…. Read More

Change your password

First, Sign in Office 365 After, from the top navigation click the setting Settings icon   Then, under Settings click on Password. Next, enter your old password. After, enter your new password in both create new password box and… Read More

Manage Contacts in Office 365

Here are some quick easy steps to follow on how to update contacts/ people.    

Calendar in Office 365 (Web App)

Office 365 Calendar sharing is a great method to share with who you want and how you want! Follow these steps to learn how to use these methods for basic calendar sharing only. Note if it is a… Read More

Change and reset password in Office 365

Change and reset passwords in Office 365 with this easy tutorial. These step by step tutorials will help you learn how to change and reset your own password. Additionally, if you have access as an administrator the tutorial… Read More

Buy, assign and remove licenses in Office 365

Managing your Office 365 license can be easy! Just follow these simple tutorials.

Create, Update and Remove Users in Office 365

Here are some steps on how to manage your users in Office 365. Follow these easy tutorials.