Is Zoom free? Where can I download Zoom?

A basic Zoom account can be created for Free at
The Zoom application can be downloaded once you create an account at

To Download the Zoom Meetings Application, Follow These Steps:

  1. Locate the Zoom Client for Meetings download, and hit the Download Button.
  2. Run the ZoomInstaller (pictured as a Chrome download below).
  3. Once Zoom is finished installing, you will see the opening page of the Zoom application.
Additionally, the Zoom Outlook Plugin, browser extensions, and many other Zoom extensions/plugins to enhance and collaborate using Zoom can be downloaded from this page.  These extensions are NOT necessary.

If you plan on using Zoom as your primary means of communication, you should look into business pricing for your Account.  These plans offer additional features such as Calendar integration, up to 1,000 participants in a single call, and most importantly, higher security.

There are several limitations to a Free Zoom account, including:

  • a 40 minute limitation per meeting.
  • The inability to create a custom meeting ID.
  • A 100 user limitation per meeting.

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