Is Microsoft Teams free? How do I download Microsoft Teams for free?

Microsoft Teams offers both a paid and a free version, although the free version has a few limitations.

The paid version of Microsoft Teams:

  • Allows you to schedule meetings, phone calls and audio conferencing.
  • Offers unlimited users from your organization with an Enterprise License.
  • Offers 1TB of file storage per user.
  • Grants administrative tools and allows for the creation of group policies.

The free version of Microsoft Teams:

  • Does not allow for the creation of scheduled meetings.
  • Does not allow for the recording of meetings.
  • Limits storage to 2GB/user and 10GB of shared storage.
  • Limits the amount of maximum users from your organization to 500,000.

To conclude, YES! Microsoft Teams does offer a free version.  To download, visit:

  1. Once on the Microsoft Teams download page, select the Business or Education option to download.
  2. Enter your Business or School email and click the Next button.
  3. If not set up already, 2 Factor Authentication will have to be setup to Microsoft Office using an email or phone number.

  4. Once you have entered the verification code from either an email or a text, click the Finish button.
  5. Listed here are all of the Microsoft Office applications you can download through your organization.
  6. Select Microsoft Teams to begin the download.

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