Does your business need a dedicated server?

If you are feeling constrained running your business from your desktop or laptop, chances are you have more than two users and it’s time to invest in your own server. The following information will help you determine if this is the right move for your business.

What is a server?

Think of a centralized device that handles network resources, such as, programs and files that are shared across your business computers and other devices. Technically, any device can act as a server; desktops, workstations, laptops. However, a true business server is designed to run all year-round while handling multiple users and tasks.

In this article, we will be referring to Windows business servers.

How can a server help your business?

Here are some of the biggest improvements a dedicated server can bring to your business:

  • Faster computers due to a lightened workload

    If your computer has an application that shares its data with other devices, this will cause a slowdown of your system and overwhelm your storage drives which can result in data corruption/loss.

    Example: A computer hosting a business’ accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks) will become overwhelmed by multiple devices accessing the shared data. Any device that tries to connect to the hosting device will experience a slowdown on their end as well.

    By hosting that software and its data on a server, you will not be taking away from the performance of your computer nor any connected devices.

  • Centralize resources

    Keep your data in one location and share it to other devices. Easy to reach, manage and back up.

    Example: A business buys a license for a program and installs it on the server. Employees can connect to the server and use the same version of the program which will display most current file data.

  • Simplify security and improve accessibility

    Handle user access rights from one location and deploy configurations to other devices seamlessly.

    Example: Let’s say you want to apply a change to all the computers in your network, you can go around to every computer and do it one by one for an unpredictable number or hours, or you can apply the changes to all computers within minutes. It can be something like changing all the backgrounds to your company’s logo or applying important changes for a more cohesive workplace.

Do you need your own server?

If your business is using a database, such as Accounting software, Microsoft Exchange Email, Advantage Database, MySQL, MS SQL or other business applications, chances are you will work more efficiently with a dedicated server.

If you meet one of the items below, you should consider a server:

  • More than 2 users.
  • More than 2 computers.
  • Use a database or network application.
  • File sharing between local computers.

How about “The Cloud”?

The Cloud is a continues evolving technology and most businesses see it as the future.

Cloud services, such as, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS), are great tools to improve your day-to-day business. Thanks to Exchange Online, we can now have professional email addresses (e.g. without bearing the cost of expensive hardware and software required to handle such a task.  However, there are certain occasions where similar services become too expensive, slow/unreliable, or simply do not integrate well with your business. In those cases, a local server could be a better solution.

We highly recommend to contact an IT consultant to review your businesses technology plan. At TCSP, we will make every effort to ensure you choose the right solutions for your specific needs.


We will make every effort to ensure you choose the right solutions for your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation and special savings.

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